Visiting Spots in Wakayama City

A Special Feature on

Kii-fudoki-no-oka Museum

of Archaeology and Folklore

I highly recommend you to visit the place, Special Historic Sites of Japan.

I have at least three reasons for my suggestion;

First, you can see unique haniwa clay figures in the exhibition room.

a man with two faces
Haniwa clay figure of a man who has two faces

Second, you can freely go into some of the genuine burial chambers in a cluster of kofun tumuli by the museum.


Third, you can enjoy comfortable hiking in a woods by the museum.

A path in a woods
One of paths on a hill by the museum

About This Website

This is the latest version of my website which has been revised three times since 2020. This new one spotlights Kii-fudoki-no-oka Museum in Wakayama City.

The previous version was about general information about places of interest in Wakayama City, including Wakayama Castle, Wakanoura Area, Kii-fudoki-no-oka, Kada Area and other places.

I believe the their version was useful to international tourists to Wakayama City when they try to find information on those spots. However, it is also true that the contents in the former edition were too many for me to update frequently. In other words, I have become aware that I should focus on one specific place and one specific period to provide more interesting details for visitors to the city.

So, in this revision, I concentrate my energy on the prefectural museum, Kii-fudoki-no-oka. I hope more tourist will be interested in the museum with a cluster of burial mounds built around 1,500 years ago in the premises.

Of course, contents about the other spots in the city I introduced in the previous version remain still now. Please click the the button "Others."

Please enjoy reading contents here and have a great time as a tourist in the prefectural capital in the future.

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