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Nice Places in Wakayama City
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Wakayama Castle
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  • Hello! Please call me Rio. I'm a national licensed guide interpreter living in Wakayama City.
    Let me show you nice places to visit in my city at this website.

    Have you already been to major tourist areas in Japan? If your answer is "Yes," this website must be for you.

    Probably many of you have already visited Kyoto and possibly some of you have already walked in Kumano.
    Of course, both of them are wonderful and Japan has many other great leading destinations for tourists. If you are a beginner as a visitor to Japan, I recommend you to visit such places without hesitation.

    However, if you have already spent many days in Japan, you must have noticed that the country has many tourist sites which are not major but attractive and interesting. Perhaps you wish to visit a place where common foreign tourists do not go and you can enjoy your own small adventure freely.

    Wakayama City is one of your good options, especially if you live or stay in the Kasai region including Osaka, Kyoto, Kobe and Nara.

    Why don't you get information at this website and make your own plan to visit Wakayama City?


    Access to Wakayama City from Osaka is convenient.
    Two train lines (JR and Nankai) connect Wakayama City and Osaka City in one hour.
    The two train lines and another bus line connect Wakayama City and Kansai International Airport in less than 50 minutes.

    Wakayama City is a gateway to the prefectural area.
    JR Wakayama Station is a starting point of two train lines heading east and south in the prefectural area.
    One line named "Kinokuni Line" goes southward to Kumano area where Kumano Kodo (World Heritage) and onsen (hot spring) resorts are located.
    The other line goes eastward to Koya area where Mt. Koya Buddhist temples (World Heritage) are located.

    Places of Interest






  • Wakayama Castle: a place where lords of Wakayama (Kii Domain) resided for almost 270 years until 1868.
  • Waka-no-ura: a scenic seacoast where traditional Shinto shrines and a Buddhist temple are located.
  • Kada: a scenic seacoast with a traditional Shinto shrine and a small island called "Tomogashima." The island has mysterious ruins of gun butteries built in1890 and a good hiking route. You can go to the island by liner boat from Kada Port.
  • Kii-fudoki-no-oka: a prefectural park with a museum of history where you can visit many (more than 400) real tumuli (ancient tombs) built between the 4th and 7th centuries and real wooden houses built in the 18th century in the prefecture.
  • Other places: a prefectural history museum, a prefectural art museum, a city museum of history and others. You can learn various things concerning Wakayama.

  • Why don't you visit Wakayama City and have a good time in your own ways?
    I hope this site will help you plan your trip schedule in Wakayama City