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Nice Places in Wakayama City
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Wakayama City

Wakayama City is a very suitable place for many visitors to walk around freely. The central city area with good sidewalks is in a rectangle that is about 6 kilometers long and 3 kilometers wide. It is not so crowded as big cities like Osaka or Kyoto. And convenient bus and railway system covers almost all the city area.

If you look more closely, you will find small but interesting many places as follows.

Please make your own plan and enjoy walking in the city.

<< Central Part of Wakayama City >>

JR Wakayama Sta.


When you take JR Line from Osaka, the main entrance to the city is this Station. It is also one of starting points of bus system in the city.

Wakayama-shi Sta.


When you take Nankai Line from Namba, Osaka, this is your terminal station in the city. The name means "Wakayama City Station."

From/To Airport


When you take a bus from/to Kansai Int'l Airport, this bus stop behind JR Wakayama Sta. is convenient. You can go there by train, too.

Art Museum


We have the Prefectural Museum of Modern Art next to the castle. The building was designed by Mr. Kurokawa, a famous architecture.

Pref. Museum


The Prefectural Museum of History is located next to the art museum in the same place. You can learn outline of history of the Prefecture.

City Museum


The City Museum is specialized in history of Wakayama City. Schoolchildren also come here to learn "old life around us."

Gov. Building


The present buiding of Wakayama Prefectural Government was built in 1938. It was not damaged in an air raid of 1945. A registered tangible cultural property of Japan.

Muryoko-ji Temple


The statue of Buddhas produced in 1835 has only its head. It is said completing 13-meter-tall image was given up due to financial reason.

Kyo-bashi Bridge


"Kyobashi" had an important gate for the castle as its main enterance, because it was the beginning of a route to Kyoto.



The shopping arcade consists of six streets with 250 shops. It started in 1830's and was much more prosperous until 1970's.



A Shinto shrine and a Buddhist temple coexist in the same place here. It is a typical example of syncretism of the two religion in Japan.

Kasei-bashi Bridge


The bridge is one of my favorite places. The bridge is only for walkers and (motor)bikes. I always feel like I'm flying over the river.

<< A Little Away from the Central Part of the City >>

Yosui-en Garden


The Japanese garden was for the lord of Wakayama. The sea water comes into the pond and goes out it. It is 33,000 square meters.

Kimii-dera Temple


It is near Waka-no-ura. The second temple of Kansai Kannon Pilgrimage was founded in 770 and is famous for its cherry blossom.

Nichizen-gu Shrine


The Shinto shrine has a very long history. It is said the shrine has a direct relation with Kofun in Kii-fuodki-no-oka.

About Wakayama City

An area around Wakayama Castle, JR Wakayama Station and Nankai Wakayama-shi Station is the central part of Wakayama City. It is easy for those who like walking to come to the castle from either train station, and buses are also available there.
As the number of pedestrians is small there, you can enjoy your free walking as you like.

Map of Central Part of Wakayama City

Fudoki-no-oka Map

Two Plans for Walking in Wakayama City

I'd like to show you two examples of Plan A and Plan B.
How about making your original play with using elements in both plans?

Plan A: Total walking distance is about 8 kilometers. If you want to skip some parts of walking, you can get on a bus from Wakayama Castle (Koen-mae) or Burakuri-cho (Honmachi-2-chome).

Plan B: Total walking distance is about 8 kilometers. Of course, you can also go to JR Wakayama Sta. Buses and trains are available between the two stations.


Order Places/Trips
1 JR Wakayama Sta.
- 600m (through Misono)
2 Ide (Ramen Shop)
- 1000m
3 Evergreen (Drug Store)
- 1400m
4 Muryoko-ji Temple
- 1000m
5 Pre. Museums of Art, and of History
- 400m
6 Prefectural Government
- 400m
7 Wakayama Castle
- 130m
8 City Hall (the 14th floor)
- 750m (via Kyo-bashi)
9 Burakuri-cho Shopping Street
- 1400m
10 Higashinomiya Ebisu Shrine
- 600m
11 JR Wakayama Sta.


Order Places/Trips
1 Nankai Wakayama-shi Sta.
- 600m
2 Wakayama City Museum of History
- 1800m
3 Prefectural Government
- 400m
4 Wakayama Castle
- 130m
5 City Hall (the 14th floor)
- 650m (via Kyo-bashi)
6 Burakuri-cho Shopping Street
- 1200m to and from another end
7 Burakuri-cho Shopping Street
- 1900m
8 *Viewing point at Kasei-bashi bridge
- 1200m
9 Nankai Wakayama-shi Sta.

*Kasei-bashi bridge is a place I like personally. The point is located midway through the bridge. I like feeling wind blowing over the surface of the river. Please don't be in the way of passers-by.