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Kada is a fishing port with a long history. It has a traditional Shinto shrine, Kada Awashima Shrine.
It is very close to Osaka Prefecture and Nakai Line has a station named "Kada."
It has preserved its natural evironment and scenic spot.
It has a long history. In the 8th century, the place was an ending point of a from Nara. People in Shikoku area seem to have landed at the place and moved to Nara, carrying rice and their special products of taxes.
It has also remains of gun batteries built in the Meiji period, about 100 years ago. The remained military facilities are made of bricks elaborately and they remind us of spirits of Japanese people in those days.

Nankai Kada Station


It takes about 90 minutes from Nankai Namba Station to Kada Station.

Awashima Shrine


This Shinto Shrine has a long history since the 4th C. It is well-known as a shrine for women.

Dolls from Homes


A lot of used dolls including ones for Grils' Day at homes are stored here. Retired dolls rest here.

Doll Festival


In a festival for girls on March 3rd, dolls picked up in boats are carried by women to a nearby shore.

Farewell to Dolls


After words of appreciation, the dolls in wooden boats are seen off with courtesy.

Tomogashima Island


The island is composed of four small and large islads. It is situated in beautiful Seto Inland national park.

Kada Port


You can get on a boat for Tomoga-shima Island at Kada Port near Awashima Shrine.

Tomoga-shima Pier


The four services a day take you to Tomoga-shima (Nona-ura) pier in about twenty minutes.

Mountain Trails


The Peak of Tomoga-shima is about 120m high. You need to walk along mountain trails like this.



The first lighthouse was built in 1870 as the 8th one in Japan and rebuilt in 1980.

Watchtower in WWII


There is an iron watchtower used in World War II near the lighthouse. It is the real thing.

Gun Battery (1)


There are remains of Gun Battery built in 1890's and used until 1945. They have preserved its original brick-made structures

Gun Battery (2)


Of course, guns themeselves were already removed. However the atmosphere is not removed.

Gun Battery (3)


Another ruin of gun battery on the seashore is already destroyed by typhoon storms.

Gateway to Bay


The entrance from the Pacific Ocean to Osaka Bay is only 4km wide. You can see a lot of ships come in and go out.

At Miyama (1)


There is another ruin of Gun Battwery at Miyama. You can walk to the site from the station. It has a brick way built more than 120 years.

At Miyama (2)


The brick structures of ammunition stores are very similar to ones at Tomoga-shima. The state of conservation is also good.

At Miyama (3)


From the nearby onservatory, you can see Tomoga-shima Islands and Osaka Bay inlcuding planes flying to/from Kansai Airport.

Map of Kada

Kada Map

An Example of Walking Plan

when the boats are in serivice

Order Places/Trips Stay
1 Nankai Kada Sta. -
- 1500m -
2 Awashima Shrine 15min.
- 400m -
3 Boat Pier
- 20min. by boat -
4 Tomoga-shima Island 5h.~7h.
- 20min. by boat -
5 Boat Pier 5min.
- 1200m -
6 Nankai Kada Sta. 15min.

when the boats are out of serivice

Order Places/Trips Stay
1 Nankai Kada Sta. -
- 1500m -
2 Awashima Shrine 15min.
- 3500m -
3 Remains of Gun Battery at Miyama
1 hour
- 3400m -
4 Nankai Kada Sta. -

Map of Kada 2

Kada Map 2

Website of Tomogashima Kisen(Boat Company, unfortunately only in Japanese)

*Please note that boats are sometimes canceled due to bad sea conditions, even on clear days.