Visiting Spots in Wakayama City

About Me

Rio Welcome to my website. I am really appreciate your visiting.

I am one of the volunteers at Kii-fudoki-no-oka Museum. I joined the group during the pandemic of of covid-19 in 2020. I sometime guide visitors to the museum around both the exhibition room and the cluster of kofun tumuli, Iwase-senzuka Kofun Tumuli Cluster.

When you visit Kii-fudoki-no-oka museum, I may be able to guide you around the place in English if my schedule permits. In this case, you do not have to pay, because I am a volunteer there. The official webste is Wakayama Prefecture Kii-fuodki-no-oka Museum.

I am also a national government licensed guide interpreter. In 2022, I guided a visitor from the US around Wakayama Castle and Wakanoura Area for two days.

If you need an English-speaking tour guide around Wakayama City, except for Kii-fudoki-no-oka Museum, please call on me. As I am a member of Wakayama Local Guide Association, please get in touch with the office. The website is Wakayama Local Guide Association. In this case, you need to pay the fee.