Rio's Info on Wakayama City

About Me

Rio Please call me Rio. I am a national government licensed guide interpreter. I live in Wakayama City. I was an English teacher at junior high schools in Osaka Prefecture. After retirement. I became an English tour guide in Kumano Kodo. And now I act as a tuour guide mainly in Wakayama City.

If you need an English-speaking tour guide around Wakayama City, please call on me. As I'm a member of Wakayama Local Guide Association, please get in touch with the office. The website is Wakayama Local Guide Association. Please remember to say you visited Rio's website.

When I guide you, I will talk about various things about Japanese history and its culture as well as stories of the spots you visit. I believe you will be get more familiar with Japanese culture and get more interested in Japanese history with my guiding.

I'm waiting for you!