Rio's Info on Wakayama City

Photo Collection of Kada Area
Awashima Shinto Shrine
Awashima Shrine. A guardian deity for women is enshrined here.
Dolls in the shrine-1.
These dolls finished their roles at their first home and came here.
Dolls in the shrine-2.
Various types of dolls got together at Awashima Shrine.
Hinamatsuri Festival-1.
In a Hina-matsuri festival on March 3rd, some of the dolls are carried by women to a nearby shore.
Hinamatsuri Festival-2.
Girls and women have a ceremony to express gratitude to the dolls.
Hinamatsuri Festival-3.
The dolls on wooden boats are seen off to the sea.

You can see other photos of the festival in 2023 at Hina-nagashi Festival at Awashima Shrine in 2023

Kada Port.
Kada Port has a ferry service to a neighboring island called Tomoga-shima.
Tomoga-shima Map.
It takes about 20 minutes to reach Tomoga-shima Island by boat. The island has a hiking course.
A strait to and from Osaka Bay.
Tomoga-shima Island is located at the mouth of Osaka Bay. You can see Awaji-shima Island beyond the strait.
Gun battery-1
Kada Area has two remains of gun batteries built in the Meiji period. One is at Tomoga-shima Island. The other is at Miyama in Kada. You don't have to take a boat to go to Miyama. However, Miyama's one is smaller than that of Tomoga-shima.
Gun battery-2.
You can enter the former sites of the gun batteries.
Gun battery-3.
The former gun battery sites are under control of Wakayama City Government now.