Rio's Info on Wakayama City

Photo Collection of Waka-no-ura Area
A lighthouse at the Cape Saikazaki.
View from the lighthouse-1
A view from the lighthouse (Wakayama Port and Kada Area)
View from the lighthouse-2
Another view from the lighthouse. A part of Setonaikai Sea National Park.
Saikazaki Fishing Port-1
Saiakazaki Fishing Port. This port has a long history.
View of Kataonami Beach
You can walk up to the top of a hill in the area.
An observatory
The hill called Takozushi-yama has an observatory.
An observatory
A view from the observatory (Suiken Area including Yosui-en Garden).
A nature walk
The hill has a comfortable nature walk.
Wakaura Ten-man-gu Shrine-1
There is a beautiful shrine at the end of the natural walk.
Wakaura Ten-man-gu Shrine-2
Wakaura Ten-man-gu Shrine. National Important Cultural Asset.
Kishu Tosho-gu Shrine-1
The next Shrine. Ieyasu Tokugawa, the founder of the Tokugawa Shogunate, is enshrined here.
Kishu Tosho-gu Shrine-2
The gate of Kishu Tosho-gu Shrine.
Kishu Furo-bashi Bridge
Furo-bashi Bridge (meaning "Eternal Youth" Bridge)
Tamatsu-shima Shrine
Tamatsu-shima Shrine. A deity of waka poetry is enshrined here.